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Welcome to a place where Bier is art,
and the food is from scratch


We have purpose

We didn’t jump on the Bier bandwagon. We are the bandwagon. We’ve been around since 1999 when we opened up on the Esplanade

Our purpose back then was simple: Pour. Pair. Share
POUR the best selection of international and craft Bier
PAIR that Bier with made in-house food, and
SHARE our knowledge about Bier with the world

At the Bier Markt, we have purpose. We believe BIER IS ART and when PAIRED WITH FOOD, it unlocks a new experience. We call it the GUIDED JOURNEY and it is the GIFT that we share with the WORLD.

At the Bier Markt, we live by four core values. Shared values are important to us.
We use our values as a compass and they help us make decisions every day.

Be Curious & Creative

We have a curious spirit and put our heart into learning new things
We love sharing our knowledge with others
We take charge of change and are creative with solutions and our operations

Choose Quality

We make what we can in-house and from scratch
We believe in our brand and follow standard process and systems to ensure consistency
We aim to do what we believe is right and have the courage and conviction to put it into practice

Respect the Art of Bier

We are passionate about Bier. Because for us, Bier is art – an expression of passion and dedication
We believe everyone loves Bier, they just may not know it yet
We seek out opportunities to Pour, Pair & Share

Work as 1 team

Bier and food paired together are great than the sum of their parts. So is our team. We are at our best when we work as #1team
We have hands on managers, who inspire people through communication, coaching and being a role model


At the Bier Markt, we’re CURIOUS. Curious to us is all about learning and sharing. It’s important to us that we support our teams development and career path.


Mentorship Program

We have partnered with Everwise and every year a group of Bier Markt managers have a chance to be matched with a mentor from outside of our company. Here’s what our team has said about the program:


“This program has been a game changer for me. I’ve never been provided such a personal development opportunity before. I am so grateful to Bier Markt for allowing me this opportunity”

“Being able to share my thoughts and ideas with someone not directly involved with my role in the business has been greatly beneficial. This experience has also helped me to support others in a similar way. This has been a very positive experience for me.

“I have learned so much from my mentor. I have so much confidence in myself and my future”

Ongoing Development

Every manager at the Bier Markt has an opportunity to attend monthly online development training.
All managers, servers and bartenders receive the Prud’homme level 1 certification and the best part?
The cost is picked up by us! Because we’re the Bier Markt.
And, one of our personal favourites?  DAILY Bier tastings to encourage our CURIOUS spirit to learn more about the beautiful art of Bier.


At the Bier Markt, WE RESPECT THE ART OF BIER. It’s important that we send our team to the place where it all began, the home of fine Bier – Europe.


“I have never been more proud to be a Bier Markt team member and represent a brand that 'Respects the Art of Bier' just as the Belgians so openly do. This will remain with me each day that I work and each time that I recommend a Bier (or 100) to our valued Guests”
Jen Koen, Sales Manager

“One of my highlights was having Stiegl Radlers after biking and hiking to the top of a mountain. I'd never felt more deserving of a radler, and I genuinely don't think one will ever taste so good. The entire group was kind of speechless when we were on top of the mountains. Visiting the Alps was always on the bucket list, but experiencing it vividly was unlike I'd ever imagined”
Trevor King, Operations & Training Manager

““The highlight of my trip was all the beautiful people I've had the chance to meet. Amazing strong women who work in this industry inspired me so much to even go further in my career!”
Caroline Lavesque, Training Manager

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