Rotating Taps


Rotating Tap: Ontario Craft

Liquid: Bench Brewing Company Folklore on Cherries Sour Ale

Folklore on Cherries is a dark sour ale finished on Niagara Montmorency cherries from their neighours at Cherry Lane. With aromas of tart cherry and graham cracker, this dark sour has a tangy acidity balanced by soft, raisin malt sweetness.

Style: Dark Sour Ale on Twenty Valley cherries ABV: 6.5%

The Brewery: THE BEER FROM WINE COUNTRY. At Bench Brewing, they take the farmhouse approach to craft brewing and pair it with the local winemaking tradition of the Niagara region. In Ontario’s fruit land, the fertile ecosystem of the land will impart a unique terroir for our beer, just as it does for wine.

Rotating Tap: Beyond Bier

Liquid: Brickworks Ciderhouse Hibiscus Lime Spritz

Light, refreshing, sip all day kind of cider. A low calorie cider that delivers on flavour, and is made with all real ingredients. Brickworks Ciderhouse paired their delicious cider with tart and floral hibiscus and bright citrus lime. No artificial flavours or sweeteners.

Style: Cider
ABV: 4.0% 

The Cidery: Always putting quality and the environment first, Brickworks Ciderhouse prides itself in providing local, small-batch, premium craft ciders.

Rotating Tap: Globally Sourced Locally Brewed

Liquid: Innis & Gunn Mangos on the Run IPA

The fruitiest beer made by Innis & Gunn, it offers aromas and flavours of fruity hops and juicy mango.

Style: Juicy IPA
ABV: 5.6%

The Brewery: Spearheading the barrel-ageing movement from Scotland, Innis & Gunn brewery has grown since then to be one of Scotland’s most successful international craft brewers, exporting to over 35 countries. Proudly brewed right here in Toronto we have access to some of the freshest Innis & Gunn in the world!

Rotating Tap: Pour It Forward

Liquid: Henderson Hazy Session IPA with Grapefruit & Lime

Aromas of fresh lime and grapefruit along with citrus oil and ripe melon. The taste is a big citrus flavour up front followed by a bright fruitiness, touch of bitterness and a herbaceous note.

Style : Hazy Session IPA
ABV 4.0%

The Brewery: Henderson Brewery strives to create balanced and thoughtful beers that honour traditional ways, but are not restricted to them. This is Henderson Brewery's collaboration with Society of Beer Drinking Ladies which is the largest group of Women in Beer. They have thrown over 50 bier events and raised over $45,000 for the Canadian Women’s Foundation.